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The "Buyer's Guide" is a creation of San Pedro Real Estate that helps and advises future buyers of houses and homes on the Costa del Sol. We leave you some tips and tricks necessary when making a purchase of a property.

Buying Property in Marbella

Real Estate Agent MarbellaHere is an easy-to-follow guide for property buyers in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. This guide takes you through the entire process, from how to find the best property for you, to getting the right price and efficiently closing the deal. To avoid being overwhelmed, a feeling homebuyers often tell us they experience, follow this, “The Ultimate Property Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Property you want”.

How Long Does the Buying Process in Spain Take?

Looking at properties before you make a purchase can be a lengthy process. You want to make sure you get the best one for your needs and you don’t want to settle for anything less. While some people seem to find their dream property on their first visit, others spend years searching for the one they consider to be suitable. There is no correct length of time; the main thing is for you to be comfortable with your purchase decision.

Another factor that influences the duration of the purchase process is the location where you want the home. It is not the same to buy a Villa in Marbella as to buy a house in Estepona.

What are the benefits of having an Marbella real estate agent?

Marbella Real Estate

To streamline the buying process, choose an estate agent that understands the market on the Costa del Sol. As with any job position, some people are more qualified than others. The point here is to choose an expert who is highly knowledgeable in the local market.

the agent you choose should listen to your requirements and understand your needs. You save time by using a high-quality agent because they will pre-select properties for you and only show you the ones that meet your clearly meet your requirements.

Qualities of a Good Estate Agent in Marbella

A professional Marbella estate agent will guide you rather than pressure you, asking you questions to determine exactly what type of property you want (such as size, location, and budget). That way they can show you properties that meet your criteria. This agent is open minded, has a positive outlook, and communicates clearly with you.

Also, tell the agent that you are thinking of asking for references from past clients; this is a great way to find out other potential buyers’ experiences with that particular agent. Take note as well of how you feel around the agent. Are you nervous and apprehensive or are you comfortable? If you are not at ease, it is probably best to start looking for a different agent.

Once you have found the right real estate agent, continue with that person throughout the purchase process, from the visit to the properties until the moment of negotiating the deal and making the purchase. Using one agency gives you advantages such as having a dedicated representative who, seeing the different properties with you, will learn your tastes and what you do not like, so you will not need to start from scratch every time you meet a new consultant. The chosen agent will also do an additional effort to accompany you throughout the process until the purchase of the home.

What type of property do you want?

San Pedro and Marbella Properties

Finding the best property is only possible if you determine exactly what exactly you and your family are looking for. Start by finding out what kind of housing will meet your requirements in the next five to ten years and if you are looking for a place for the rest of your life.

Specific property questions to ask yourself are, what features am I looking for, what are my needs today and in the near future, and what location do I want? Regarding the location, consider if you want to buy something that is close to shops, restaurants or the beach, or if you prefer to live as close as possible to work.

Ask yourself if you want a new or one that has been previously owned. If choosing an agent you have not yet determined what type of property you want to buy, a good agent will ask the above questions to guide you in the decision process. The intention is to determine what type of properties are the most suited to your needs to streamline the purchase process.

It is essential to have clear ideas in order to specify to the real estate adviser what is sought.

Tips for building a new house

New Construction MarbellaAre you looking to build a new home? If so, here is some advice to help you. Firstly, be realistic. Even when you build a home from scratch, you are still unlikely to get everything you want. Chances are that you will have to compromise in at least one way, whether that is the plot size, the view or the location, and of course you and your partner may not always agree. The solution that works is to be flexible and reach a compromise.

As well, be aware that when there appears to be several vacant plots around you, these areas may well get built on at some point in time. You may have to make concessions in the future if more houses get built around your own home. Therefore, when you buy a plot of land, be sure you own enough land to secure your privacy and retain the original land value too.

It is also important to discover your legal rights when buying a property under construction. A lawyer specializing in real estate law can help ensure that you are adequately covered. Below are some legal bases.

More advice to build a houses

The developer must give you an insurance policy or bank guarantee for life in case the project is not completed or unforeseen events occur during the work. Other documents that must be given to the developer are the documentation that verifies the property of the land and the permits and licenses.

If you are considering doing a major renovation on an older home or apartment, ensure you figure out the financials first. Determine what the estimated costs are for the changes you plan to make and factor in unexpected repairs that may occur.  Maybe, you must consider whether your investment making the proposed changes is really worthwhile and compensates for the expenses and effort.

In addition, a mistake that many buyers make is they choose a property that they imagine will meet the needs of their children or grandchildren. They may want the property to be passed on to future generations. Unfortunately, what often happens is that children sell the property or have other desires and end up not using the property as much as you might initially think.  That's why the best thing is mainly to buy for oneself.

A Note about Property Values

A good estate agent understands the market where you are looking to buy property. This agent can relatively easily assess the value of properties based on what comparable ones in the area have sold for recently. Their knowledge of the area saves you time and helps ensure you get a fair price. In addition, the agent helps you determine a suitable price for negotiation.

Also, keep in mind the value of the property of interest in the future when you come to sell it. Assess whether it is likely to hold onto its value over time and, if not, what upgrades you will have to make in order to get a return on investment when you later sell it. Common upgrades include kitchens and bathrooms. Is the property a worthwhile investment for you?

If you decide to buy a home, at San Pedro real estate Marbella we offer you a large selection of properties for sale.